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Robin White, a.k.a. Bebop was a gentle soul who loved life and lived his life to the fullest. Bebop was always the life of the party who got along with everyone and everyone got along with him as well. He was the type of person that could sometimes get on your nerves but somehow you still wanted to be around him because of his humorous, bright, witty, and loving personality. It was hard to get upset with him or stay upset with him for long and he always was a great listener and gave great sound advice to whoever would ask for it. Bebop was the center of my family, my younger brother by only year but had so much wisdom than people that were a little older than him. Very cool and down to earth. Bebop never judged anyone and was always willing to lend a helping hand and would give somebody the shirt off of his back if he could. Unfortunately, my brother Bebop is no longer here with us any longer.


Bebop was killed due to gun violence on November 28, 2015, Thanksgiving weekend for trying to help someone by offering he one of many talented services to an elderly man. Unfortunately, my brother was killed in Jacksonville, FL by the elderly man’s younger cousins. After a year of my brother’s murderer’s being in jail, they were released. I used to want to retaliate and avenge my brother but I’ve learned that vengeance belongs to the Lord and the battle is not mines to fight. It’s in the Lord’s hands. I had stopped making music for 5 years after my brother was murdered but I have found it from within myself to carry on but not by my own strength but with the help of the Lord. I am dedicating my music, my legacy, to my brother and his kids. May God accept you into his kingdom bro and may you rest in Heaven. Until we meet again, peace…




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