My name is James Hudson a.k.a. J-Hud but I go by Poochie. I was born in Cleveland, OH and eventually moved to Jackson, AL to be raised by my dad.  I pretty much grew up in the streets and was exposed to various things due to the type of nature and environment that I was surrounded by when I was a child. My dad was a big time D-Boy and my mom was his “Cookie”. When things started going south, we literally moved down south to be in a more stable environment. My siblings and I learned how to adapt to our environment at a very young age but being exposed to so many things is what made us stronger. Being raised in the inner city and also being raised in the country is what gives me versatility in everything I do. I decided to join the military a year after graduating high school in order to get out of the streets and break the generational curses that were bestowed upon me and my family.


Because of the military, I learned discipline, stamina, patience, courage, strength and the list go on but what really helped me get through the tough times while I was deployed and all throughout my life was God and music. God and music are what motivated me to carry on and gave me the drive to accomplish my goals and dreams. God and music helped me get over the hump. Music is my passion and this is one of the many reasons why I love to create music. Music helps me meditate, focus, motivates me, gives me positive energy, and so much more. I started making beats right after I got of the military and I started off making beats with Magix, Fruit Loops, and Sony Acid but now I’m using Native Instruments, Reasons, Logic, etc. I’m glad to say that my music has evolved and that my music changes with time but yet still timeless and that’s my goal to make timeless music just like Pharrell, Timbaland, Kanye, Dr. Dre, Zaytoven, etc.

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